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NYE: The Time Travellers’ Ball

This New Year’s Eve we invite you to send yourself spinning through time. From prehistoric dinosaur days through gothic victoriana, eightie’s electronica to future space odyssey, join us for live music and time-warped happenings.


Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic nonsense poem and retold with Quirk Theatre’s finely honed sense of the ridiculous, our latest adventure is a ripping yarn for all primary school kids that will leave you grinning like a cheshire cat.

A Lyrical Dance Concert

A seriously fun performance/party/comedy from Gillie Kleiman and Sara Lindström. With joyful irreverence and serious fun, the show insists that pop music belongs to us and can do what we want it to do.

Mucky Pup

‘Children’s theatre doesn’t come much better than this’

Win a £200 voucher for Finisterre UK #coldwatersurf

          The Dala Horse featured on the Scandiland logo wants to go on an adventure. Cut him out from a printout of the page below or download him from scandilandfilm.com and take a picture of him…

Can you help?

Can you help? Exeter City Council needs to reduce budgets in line with Government funding cuts so they are conducting surveys to find out your views about culture in our city. Currently, a crucial part of our income comes from…

Scandiland: A Season of Scandinavian and Nordic Cinema

A pop up cinema in Haldon Forest, dark and atmospheric screenings of classic thrillers, live Swedish music and a salivating food presentation; just some of the immersive cinematic experiences created by Exeter Phoenix this November. Scandiland Trailer from Exeter Phoenix…

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