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Rory McGrath Remembers (…Or Is It Forgets?)

The star of BBC’s Three Men In A Boat and They Think It’s All Over looks back on his life and career. Join Rory as he remembers some bits and makes up the rest. Contains adult themes and traces of peanut oil.

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The Revenant (15)

With 8 BAFTA nominations and 12 Oscar nominations already under its belt, The Revenant is sure to live up to its already thrilling reputation.
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.

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Turin Brakes

Turin Brakes return to Exeter Phoenix with the release of their seventh studio album. With a UK top 5 hit to their name and over 1 million records sold worldwide, these folk rockers are a force to be reckoned with.

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What happens when terra firma isn’t firm at all…?

Theatre Alibi combine powerful performance, projection, puppetry and a thrilling live soundscape to tell a raw and intimate story.

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Sean McLoughlin

After finally clawing his career out of the toilet and towards the stars, Sean McLoughlin should be at his happiest, right? Sean has beaten the system and yet finds himself at the mercy of it. From these two conflicting circumstances a question has emerged: Can a man rise AND fall at the same time?

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