tangerines 45-years it-follows wolfpack eden


The first Estonian film ever nominated for a foreign-language Oscar, Tangerines tells a simple and human story of opposing ideologies during the 1992 former Soviet country conflicts.

45 Years (15)

A moving and absorbing drama exploring the past and present of a retired couple’s relationship as it reaches crisis point. A truly absorbing study of anxiety and regret.

It Follows (15)

This slick stalker flick simultaneously indulges in cult horror clich├ęs while maintaining a superb art-house edge. A first-rate scary movie which lets you have your cake and eat it.

The Wolfpack (PG)

A sensational documentary about the extraordinary world of the Angulo brothers, a family of adolescent boys who have been locked away from society for 17 years in a New York apartment.

Eden (15)

A journey into Paris’ pulsing underground house music scene, this edgy French flick is all about losing yourself to dance.

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