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Enter Your Film for Two Short Nights Film Festival

Entries are now open for one of the South West’s most vibrant and longest running film festivals, Two Short Nights.

Submissions are invited from filmmakers based across the UK and beyond, working in every genre, from animation and documentary to moving image artwork and music videos.


Imagine you’re in a theatre of the future, powered by an algorithm. REMOTE is an interactive live game interrogating the politics of choice, and decision-making in an immaterial world, saturated with technology.

Lucy Spraggan

Hot off the festival circuit, Lucy Spraggan presents an intimate evening of acoustic pop from her Top 40 album ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’.

Baby Driver (15)

A talented, young getaway driver relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game.

★★★★★ ‘Sweet, funny and utterly original — you won’t see a film like it this year.’


Rooted in alt-country and hailing from Nashville, Lambchop are a fluid musical collective focused around its creative centre, frontman Kurt Wagner.

My Life As A Courgette (PG)

My Life as a Courgette tears up the rulebook for children’s cinema, offering a brutally honest and uplifiting, exploring the ways we adapt to the world and make the best of our lives.

David Lynch: The Art Life

An exquisitely textured and reflective documentary about David Lynch’s life as a visual artist, narrated by the idiosyncratic filmmaker.

Lovingly Made – Locally Sourced

Whether you’re here for a show or just want to catch a bite to eat in a buzzing city centre café with a sunny terrace, come in and try our new selection of tasty lunch and evening grub.

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