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A journey of rememberance through dance, Etch is an intimate exploration of memory; the things we remember and those we choose to forget. An enthralling and emotive performance which travels through layers of spoken word, movement and music.

Samuel Beckett’s Endgame

Passing their days in a bare room, the nearly blind, chair-bound tyrant Hamm and his dutiful but resentful and hard of hearing servant Clov exist in a constant see-saw of pathos and hatred, love and hope.

The Exeter Cabaret Show

It’s cold outside and the world seems to be going a bit bonkers! So why not forget about it all for a few hours and come inside and laugh yourself warm with the first ever Exeter Cabaret Show.

A brand new night of comedy cabaret is starting at Exeter Phoenix, featuring some of the UK’s finest cabaret acts.

Tony Law

Multi award-winning comedian, Tony Law embarks on a UK tour with a brand new show of the inimitable surreal comedy-art that has made him one of the most celebrated live performers in the UK.

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