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Sara Pascoe

With a comedy brain that leaps from stimulating arguments onto abstract confabulation with lumpy doses of openness, honesty and earnestness, Sara shares her romantic history, existential theory and cultural insights.

Mark Watson

‘The highest achiever the Edinburgh Festival has seen this decade. A huge comic presence’


Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic nonsense poem and retold with Quirk Theatre’s finely honed sense of the ridiculous, our latest adventure is a ripping yarn for all primary school kids that will leave you grinning like a cheshire cat.

Craig Campbell

Internationally acclaimed Canadian stand-up Craig Campbell never fails to impress with his high octane, charismatic performances and hilarious anecdotes.

Tony Law

Dive into the zone of Tone for a brand new show of life-affirming, life-changing comedy from the multi award-winning nonsense-maker.

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