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Current Commissions

Thumbnail image credit (previous page): Still from Ben Owen’s Goldfinch.

Current Commission Call Outs

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2017 Commissions


We are inviting proposals for the development of a short animated film project.  Selected proposals will be invited to The Live Pitch at Two Short Nights Film Festival in December 2016 where the winning idea will be chosen by panel of industry professionals.

The selected filmmaker will go on to receive £750 along with professional support, equipment and space hire, training and advice.

Exeter Phoenix will be looking for inspiring and creative proposals that demonstrate originality. All applications must be made via our online submission process below. The proposal should clearly demonstrate the tone, themes and strategy of your ideas.

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2016 Commissions

In 2016 Exeter Phoenix is taking a new approach to its commission schemes after launching a brand new range of categories. In total, over £15,000 of support in artist fees and equipment hire will be made available to filmmakers and moving image artists at all levels, to create 8 short films.

With a broader range of categories, we aim to develop moving image talent in the South West by supporting fresh talent and offering new opportunities to more established filmmakers.


Devon Documentary Film Commissions


 Simeon Costello – Bus Stories

Simeon originally had the idea of his documentary not as a film but as an epic journey to travel around the UK using only local buses. He then saw the Devon Documentary Short Film Commission advertised on Exeter Phoenix’s website and developed the idea from there.

Simeon plans to travel from John O’Groats to Land’s End in less than 4 days using only local buses. Accompanied by DOP Scott Stevens (Nowhere Place) they will be finding out along the way why people use these routes and why they are so crucial to the UK.



Devon Short Film Commissions


Luke Hagan – Lord Of The Logos

Luke is a freelance filmmaker and editor, whose career and has seen him work on a range of feature films, music videos and award winning shorts.

Lord of the Logos is a documentary exploring the work of the Exeter based artist Christophe Szpajdel. With an estimated 10,000 designs to his name, exhibitions as far afield as Japan and New Zealand, and clients from across the globe, Christophe is one of the most famous logo designers you’ve probably never heard of.  That’s because Christophe designs logos for metal bands.



Timiakindelle-Ajani and Hana Elias – Outside

Timi Ajani and Hana Elias are a filmmaking duo who met at university where they began their collaboration in filmmaking.

Experiences with fellow students and locals in Exeter provided a wealth of material for them to draw from. They aim to explore based off of shared experiences, the effect of becoming separated from yourself as a result of being made to feel foreign by your community. Realised through a light hearted telling of a comical story, where a woman who speaks very little English finds herself on a search party for a missing person in Dartmoor.



Microfilm Commissions


 Rupert Green – Nightmare Of Garhblach

Rupert is a Devon based entertainer/film-maker who has been working with Jack for the past year making short films and promotional trailers. He has been directing or acting in short films since 2000.

Speaking about his commission, Rupert Green said ‘So I asked James if he knew any ghost stories and he didn’t, but he said Marcus knew a really good one, so I rang Marcus and he went and asked his father who recounted this true ghost story.

Once I had read the story,  I wanted to make a film with puppets but in a Japanese bunraku style and add to that a bit of stop motion exploring the processes of what will be needed to scare myself and then an audience in 3 minutes.’




Dom Lee – Rocketshed

Dom has written and directed a number of short films and has been involved with many projects in the South West and beyond.

In his commissioned project, Rocketshed, Six-year-old Jack and his Dad sit in their ‘Rocketshed’, a garden shed they’ve converted into a rocketship. The countdown timer ticks down. Two minutes. Not long to go now.



Raw Film Commissions



Bethan Highgate-Betts – Pink

Bethan Highgate-Betts is a filmmaker and freelance artist from the South West.

Pink is a film about old age and about remembering the lives we’ve lived. About love and the moments in time that stay with us forever. Set in both the present day United Kingdom and 1940’s Iran, Pink explores the secrets of a Grandmother and a life seemingly forgotten.



 George Griffiths – The Visions In The Dark

Freshly graduated from the University of the Creative Arts with a Ba Hons in Film Production George has become infatuated with the creative process of documentary film making.

The Visions in the Dark (W.T) is a short Documentary film about people who suffer from Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS). CBS effects 2/3 of people who go blind and manifests itself in people by superimposing vivid hallucinations over the persons vision.

George intends to capture what it is like to live with CBS, what it is like to not be able to trust your vision in the already uncertain situation of turning blind and to fear that this not a symptom of blindness but a symptom of dementia. He intends to interview sufferers about what it is like to live with CBS and will grasp what it is like sensually and emotionally live with the syndrome.



Artists Moving Image Commission

Ben Tupper – A Mythology in Self Defence

Bristol based artist Ben Tupper was selected from almost 60 applicants from all over the South West to receive the 2016 Artists Moving Image commission, and his project A Mythology in Self Defence will be screened this autumn at Studio 74.

The artwork will draw upon a combination of European film references, newly shot handheld footage and unused visual and sonic ‘offcuts’ from Tupper’s previous films to explore ways in which moving image is encountered and how its surrounding political landscape affects what is presented.

The film’s script will mainly be drawn from a conversation between the French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard and camera inventor Jean-Pierre Beauviala as they discuss and argue over a, never fully completed, handheld camera commissioned by Godard. It will also contain visual references to Pere Portabella’s Cuadecuc, Vampir (1972); a high contrast black & white film shot behind the scenes of Jesus Franco’s famous film adaption Count Dracula.