917 Horses & 4 Zebras (15)

Tue 19 Feb 2013 | 8pm | FREE

917 Horses & 4 Zebras: Artists Apply Animation

A celebration of the unpredictable processes of experiments with animation, with a focus on how animation as a labour intensive process and form is being applied in the creation of conceptual artworks. The title is taken from a work by Yu Araki in which image of horses, appropriated from the internet, reference the pre-cinema animation of Edward Muybridge.

Co-curated by artist Jordan Baseman and Gary Thomas (Animate Projects) the screening includes work from;

Yu Araki | Jordan Baseman | Geraint Evans | Katie Goodwin | Inger Lise Hansen | James Lorne | Nathaniel Mellors | David O’Reilly | Emily Richardson | Lois Rowe | Chris Shepherd | Tadasu Takamine | David Theobald | Kit Wise





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