Hannah Murgatroyd

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Hannah Murgatroyd

Landscape As A Peopled World

Hannah Murgatroyd’s works can be seen as island spaces of the imagination; painted and drawn worlds inhabited by protagonists who spring from a history of the body, as told through high art, popular culture and personal narrative. Her images often explore a moment of desire; one that is owned equally by men and women. Any narrative they suggest exists by association and their encounters are passages marked by gesture: in the drawn and painted surface and in their bodily pose and dress; how they glance, perhaps, or raise a finger in relationship to one another; the specific heel of a boot or weft of a sweater.

Murgatroyd is also concerned with what it is for a contemporary artist to make landscape paintings today, and is particularly interested in the landscape as a peopled world. In recent works the body is set within the landscape; rural scenes with seasonal, working bodies that feel somehow consigned to the past, yet idealised through our current fetishisation of authenticity, craft and the local. She presents a vision of the world that is eroticised, ambiguous, emotional and deeply engaged with surface. Her hyper-realised bodies are pneumatic, poised within the natural environment and bathed in colours that seduce the viewer into feeling feelings based on what might be real.


Exhibition Tour & Artist Talk
Sat 2 Sep | 2.30pm | free

Join artist Hannah Murgatroyd and Phoenix Gallery curator Matt Burrows for a tour of the exhibition and a talk from the artist. 


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