Quantic Live

Wed 28 May 2014 | 8.30pm | £13 | Standing


Quantic Live

Quantic is the production persona for Will Holland, fusing jazz sensibility with dance floor orientated grooves and intelligent breaks. Funky, laid back jazz, groovy house, whatever – it all gets put in the mix. Fans of Mr Scruff and Jazzanova will not be disappointed.

Musician and DJ for over 15 years, evolving and involving styles like Funk & Jazz to Electronic & Folk music through to Latin, Reggae, Dub & Cumbia, Holland has packed dance floors from Bulgaria to Buenos Aires. Holland also makes music under the ‘dusty funk and jazz’ band alias of the Quantic Soul Orchestra, as well as the soul-folk-dance duo the Limp Twins.

Based in the musical epicenter of Cali, Colombia since 2007, Holland has been exploring cumbias, salsa and Afro-Colombian music through his particular beat-focused, electronic and funk lens.

‘He’s at the forefront of a new global sound.’


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