Young & Animated Plus

Tue 07 Nov 2017, Tue 14 Nov 2017, Tue 21 Nov 2017, Tue 28 Nov 2017, Tue 05 Dec 2017, Tue 12 Dec 2017 | 6pm - 7.30pm | £75* or £15* per session | 13 - 16 years

*A note on transaction fees
A small £1.50 fee is added to each transaction. This covers the cost of getting your tickets booked, that’s everything from the booking software to card charges. We don’t charge this to make a profit.

Young & Animated

Photoshop / Flash / After Effects

Young & Animated Plus sessions for 13+ year olds are designed to teach more advanced animation skills and techniques using Flash, After Effects and Photoshop.

You will learn the following techniques each week to bring your projects to life using effective animation

  1. Using timing plus squash and stretch to animate a bouncing ball
  2. Walk Cycle – learning how to create a looped walk cycle
  3. Lip-synch  – learning how to break down and animate simple mouth shapes to match what a character is saying
  4. Using squash and stretch to animate a jumping character
  5. More advanced walk cycles including running, sneaking, skipping etc
  6. Character animation with two characters interacting with each other

These skills are transferable to any style of animation to help in all kinds of animated film production. The course is designed for applicants who already have some experience gained from attending the Young & Animated digital animation courses run at Exeter Phoenix on Saturday mornings, although this is not essential. For those moving on from the Saturday morning courses we are offering one FREE session, attend the Plus course for only £60.

Can’t attend all sessions? Drop in option £15 per session.

Course Tutor

Graham has had over 14 years experience working in the 2D children’s Television animation industry and has worked on a number of shows made by Honeycomb Animation and King Rollo Films including Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, Binka, Poppy Cat, Funky Valley and Funky Town. Both Funky shows where animated in a digital cut-out style.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix


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