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• Camera, Lights, Digital Equipment Hire
• Editing Suites & Post-Production
• Bespoke Training in Websites, Corporate Videos
• Artist and Filmmaker Commissions

Exeter Phoenix Digital is a dedicated production, access and training resource for all forms of digital media. We program specialist courses and workshops, and work with partner organisations and individuals on creative projects.

A large selection of production equipment including cameras, lights, sound and post-production editing suites can be hired through Exeter Phoenix Digital and our fifty-two square metre Black Box studio is a great space for productions, performances and installations.

Exeter Phoenix Digital can help you develop websites, corporate videos, DVDs and other media design.

Please contact us on 01392 667066 or email us to discuss your project needs or training opportunities.

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Exeter Phoenix Filmmaker in Residence

david-salasExeter Phoenix Digital support filmmakers from the very beginning of their career, through bursary schemes, guidance and providing platforms for new work to be developed and shown. We also support established and professional filmmakers and artist working in the moving image by helping them find creative solutions to projects, providing access to equipment and networking and though our filmmaker in residence scheme.

David Salas is a commercial Freelance Filmmaker who produces films for a local and international client list, including the NHS, University of Exeter, University of Plymouth, CARE South East Asia, USAID, Newborns Vietnam, Colourburn, Chapeau. His work ranges from video art to documentaries and commercials.

As Filmmaker in Residence at Exeter Phoenix Digital, he provides a point of contact for filmmakers and business who want to produce video and works towards building stronger links for the filmmaking community in Devon.

His relationship with Exeter Phoenix started in 2008 when he won a short film bursary for his art project The Simple Lies Experiment, which was an early experiment in crowd sourcing film. He followed that with bursaries for Uncomfortable (2009) and a Directorial role for Mort-Gage (2010).

Uncomfortable won Best Bursary Film and his short films have won awards in the USA, UK and the Ukraine and have been shown in festivals all over the world. In 2013 Blind Ditch and Exeter Phoenix commissioned him to create two series of films. The Potential For Important Moments To Occur In Non-Descript Places (2013) and A Tale of Two Cities (2013), for the digital arts project This City’s Centre, which was shown at 7 unusual locations around the city and online.

He curates Puny Gods! a guerrilla pop up cinema event that promotes short film as an art form to new audiences. It has taken over disused shops and under-used city centre spaces to showcase Devon filmmaking in an international context.

Whilst Puny Gods! is a showcase, he is also involved in networking Devon’s independent filmmaking community as the local representative for Shooters In The Pub. A monthly networking event held the first Monday of the month at Exeter Picturehouse. The vibrancy and engagement of the membership saw Exeter as the first choice for Channel 4’s Alpha Fund roadshow in 2013. The Alpha Fund is set up to introduce new talent to Channel 4.

In 2011 he was awarded a John Brabourne Award and provides mentoring for new talent for them, as well as mentoring talent locally.

He is available for commissions or film and video related conversations, either in person at his office in Exeter Phoenix Digital or via email savedalas@gmail.com, telephone +44 (0) 7527 449992 or via Twitter @savedalas