May 2013

Exeter Phoenix Partners Artist Residency Project In London

Standpoint Futures – Artist’s Residencies Exeter Phoenix is a partner organisation for 5 development residencies for regionally based UK based visual artists, providing bespoke, high-calibre opportunities for discussion and interaction with the London art world, as well as accommodation, studio,…

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Never Give Up

Have you seen the huge message that has appeared in Exeter Phoenix’s windows spelling out the positive and defiant message to the world at large to “never, never, never, never give up”? The sign is part of an exhibition called…

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New Events in May and June…

With dozens of great new events programmed for May and June since the last brochure, we’ve released an update. If it’s music you’re after, check out the playlist we’ve put together and give yourself a taster of what’s to come….

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Ignite Festival 2013

Exeter’s 6 Day Theatre Festival: 3 – 9 June 2013 Exeter will host a six-day celebration of new live performance work from the South West and beyond. Over fifty performances are to take place across the city at venues including…

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