June 2019

Dinos On The Loose!

Wuh oh!! It looks like 12 dinosaurs have escaped Jurassic Park and have found themselves lost throughout Exeter. It’s now your job to hunt them down in this jurassic-geocaching task that could see you win some amazing prizes that will enhance your Big Screen In The Park 2019 experience!

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Guest Blog: My Week Of Work Experience

Earlier this month, we were joined by student Evie who was completing a week of work experience. Was a week spent working in a busy arts centre what she expected? Here is what she had to say about her time with us…

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Richard Chappell Interview

Ahead of our one off performance of Richard Chappell Dance’s double-bill of Still Touch and Silence Between Waves we had the chance to speak to the choreographer behind the dance company. We chat, inspiration, interdisciplinary artistry and the importance of the sea in Chappell’s work.

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