Jojo Rabbit (12A)

Jojo is one of the Nazi’s newest, and most committed recruits. Encouraged by his imaginary best friend, Hitler (played outrageously by Waititi) Jojo is desperate to make an impression and help win the war, even if it means nearly blowing off his own head. 

1917 (15)

All filmed in one extraordinary single take (by cinematographer Roger Deakins) 1917 gets to the heart of what the soldiers are really seeing, experiencing and enduing. Already hailed as an Oscar contender it’s and claimed to be Mendes ‘masterpiece’ 1917 is the war movie to end all war movies.

Amanda (15)

24-year-old David’s (Vincent Lacoste) serene life in Paris is abruptly fractured by a national tragedy taking the life of his sister. Beyond the shock, and the pain, David now finds himself making the leap from occasional babysitter to full time guardian of his young niece Amanda (Isaure Multrier), trying to resolve an entirely new reality with major new responsibilities.

Studio 74 Showing Times

Welcome to Studio 74 – the home of independent cinema in Exeter. With a growing programme of first-rate films, eye opening documentaries and special screening events, there has never been a better time to visit Studio 74. 

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