Jah Wobble’s The Invaders of the Heart

Over the past four decades, Jah Wobble has ploughed his own furrow as a solo artist, as well as becoming a well-respected session musician, with a genuine passion for Eastern and Global music.

Jojo Rabbit (12A)

Jojo is one of the Nazi’s newest, and most committed recruits. Encouraged by his imaginary best friend, Hitler (played outrageously by Waititi) Jojo is desperate to make an impression and help win the war, even if it means nearly blowing off his own head. 

1917 (15)

All filmed in one extraordinary single take (by cinematographer Roger Deakins) 1917 gets to the heart of what the soldiers are really seeing, experiencing and enduing. Already hailed as an Oscar contender it’s and claimed to be Mendes ‘masterpiece’ 1917 is the war movie to end all war movies.

Sam Lee

Sam Lee plays a unique role in the British music scene. A highly inventive and original singer, folk song interpreter, a passionate conservationist, committed song collector and a successful creator of live events.

Pattern Pusher Presents IV

After a momentous 2019 Exeter indie trio Pattern Pusher return triumphantly to the Phoenix for their annual presents show. The boys have used the event to demonstrate their ever growing immersive stage show and to also shine a light on new artists from the area. 

Lovingly Made – Locally Sourced

Whether you’re here for a show or just want to catch a bite to eat in a buzzing city centre café with a sunny terrace, come in and try our new selection of tasty lunch and evening grub.

Students! Claim Your Discount Cards

Are you a student? Do you love discounts and free stuff? Grab your student discount card today!

Once Upon A Time

Having previously thrilled audiences with hit shows The Thing That Came From Over There and What The Dickens, Gonzo Moose are back with a comedy fairy tale adventure bursting with physical comedy, absurd jokes and magical illusion.

Adopt A Seat

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