Creative Writing

Have you always wanted to write a story, novel, or piece of theatre? You know what you want to write but don’t know where to start? Have you written material and would like to know how to improve your work and chances of publication?  Our course will give you the tools and confidence to put your ideas into a framework that supports your writing.

Movement Language: A BSL and Dance Workshop

Exploring the filth, fun and aftertaste of our everyday interactions. A humorous, intellectual, visceral experience that leaves you contemplating your own individual modes and forms of communication. The work, through the use of subtitles and sign language, explores modes of accessibility to a deaf and hard of hearing audience.

Social [practice]: #7 – Exquisite Patterns

This spring artist/writer Joseph Priestley will continue his series of sessions themed around the surrealist technique of the Exquisite Cavader, a method of assembling images and words from irregular and accidental stimulus. Within fractal trees, spirographic circles and origami dodecahedrons, this session will delve into how the nature of patterns influences art (without the maths!).

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