Life Drawing

Work from a model and learn the principles of life drawing. Perfect for beginners and those returning to drawing, this course covers a variety of technical and expressive approaches to life drawing while offering an insight into their uses in art history and contemporary art.

Punch Needling Workshop

You will learn the basics of this fun and rewarding craft. Traditionally used for rug making, punch needling is a quick way to create an image that can be used for wall hangings, pillows and rugs.

An Introduction to the Meisner Technique

The Meisner Technique is a series of practical exercises which train us (actors) to focus attention on our scene partner and respond authentically, moment by moment, to their observed behaviour.

Poems, Poems, Poems

Whether writing for the page, performance or just for fun, this is a free, engaging workshop exploring different techniques and ideas for writing poetry. We’ll be exploring tone, tense and alienation when writing about ourselves, our lives and experiences.

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