Experimental Life Drawing

This workshop offers a new way of drawing the model through the use of props and clothing, which helps to redefine the way we consider the nude, space, colour, form and gender context.

Mandala Illustration

Spend a fun day learning how to draw Mandalas from scratch.

Introduction To Dressmaking

Discover the basics of dressmaking with Arrietty. For this course you will need to be able to use a sewing machine independently to join this course. If you are not confident using a machine please look at the suitability of our Sewing Basics course.

Design For Print

Preparing a document for print is often confusing, with crop markers, different colour modes and endless paper types, it’s easy to get lost in the technical language.


Learn to translate the 3D model onto the 2D surface through various drawing and painting methods. Look at character and personality as well as bone structure and muscular form. Your drawing will refer to artists who specialised in portraiture.

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