Pyaasa (U)

‘More than 50 years later, Pyaasa continues to remain a formidable work of cinema that presents the art of filmmaking at its finest.’

Call Me By Your Name (15)

★★★★★ ‘Extraordinary’

The Florida Project

The latest film by Sean Baker (Tangerine), juxtaposes the childhood wonder and a sense of adventure with the harsh realities of the adults struggling around them.

In Between (15)

Maysaloun Hammoud’s astounding debut feature, In Between, is an elegant and sensitive story about three Palestinian women trying to find balance between traditional and modern culture.

Caption Subtitled Screenings

Each season, a selection of our films will be caption subtitled. Caption subtitling is a service that makes our film programme accessible to our Deaf/deaf and hearing-impaired customers by displaying additional auditory information on the screen.

Caption subtitled screenings will have a transcription of the film’s dialogue (in English) and a description of the sound in the film along the bottom of the screen.

Cinema at Studio 74

The only truly independent cinema in Exeter, this intimate and beautifully designed 74 seat screening space presents a rolling programme of first rate independent film and latest arthouse releases within a vibrant arts setting, complete with a buzzing Café Bar.

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