Gender diversity takes centre stage in Exeter

Get ready to celebrate and interrogate issues regarding gender and identity, from cis to trans and binary to beyond as Come As You Are Festival returns for a celebration of trans, non-binary, gender queer and LGBT theatre.


Do you use a mobile phone or computer every day? How much personal data do you give away each day to navigate your digital life? Could you unplug, even if you wanted to?Digital dance company Pell Ensemble invites you into the world of EPOQ: A live gaming experience where your choices become data, uploaded to shape a new human being.

And She

Part gig. Part their Mums’ living rooms. Bonnie and The Bonnettes delve into motherhood, womanhood, femininity, and reinvention through conversations with their Mums, armed with three microphones, music, and a bottle (or two) of prosecco.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Join Alice and the Velveteen Rabbit on a heart warming adventure as they explore what it means to love and be loved. A magical portrayal of growing up, moving on and not letting go by Quirk theatre, full of heart hilarity and a sprinkling of the miraculous.

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