Moist, Moist, Moist

Part poetry, part stand-up, part gig. Moist, Moist, Moist is a spoken-word show from one of the UK’s wettest submerging artists.

Sindhu Vee

Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Nominee 2018, Sindhu Vee extends her UK tour due to popular demand with her critically acclaimed show, Sandhog. Loving your children, spouse and ageing parents (in that order, please don’t tell my mother) is very hard work, very intense and a lot of the time it sucks. But who wants to live without love?


What does it take to make a baby? An accident / right timing / a drunken night / right people / right parts? But what if you don’t have all the right parts? Or you do, and one of them is broken. As it turns out, some things are un-mendable.

Bon Ami

From the award-winning makers of Love Sick and Civilised, All in present BON AMI. A fast paced, female lead, clown comedy, exploring loneliness and the importance of friendship.

Voldemort And The Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody

Before Voldemort became He Who Must Not Be Named, he was just Tom Riddle, another moody teenager at Hogwarts. Join him in this brand new hilarious musical adventure as he learns the ways of love, proper snake maintenance and The Unforgivable Curses.

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