Sindhu Vee

Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Nominee 2018, Sindhu Vee extends her UK tour due to popular demand with her critically acclaimed show, Sandhog. Loving your children, spouse and ageing parents (in that order, please don’t tell my mother) is very hard work, very intense and a lot of the time it sucks. But who wants to live without love?

Diary Of An Expat

Diary of an Expat is a solo show directed by Katharina Reinthaller (Labels, Fringe First Winner 2015), telling the comic story of the encounter between modern migrant Cecilia and London – a contemporary El Dorado craved by generations of young Europeans.

Richard Chappell Interview

Ahead of our one off performance of Richard Chappell Dance’s double-bill of Still Touch and Silence Between Waves we had the chance to speak to the choreographer behind the dance company. We chat, inspiration, interdisciplinary artistry and the importance of the sea in Chappell’s work.

Springwatch’s Gillian Burke

Gillian takes us behind-the-scenes on one of the nation’s favourite wildlife shows, to discover Britain’s natural spectacles, hidden gems and surprising oases of hope.

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