Sofie Hagen

After a total sell-out of her Dead Baby Frog tour in 2018, Sofie heads to Exeter Phoenix with the show that won her the Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer award, Bubblewrap, all about self-acceptance and mental health.

No One Is Coming To Save You

A ‘romance for the age of anxiety’ (Matt Trueman), No One is Coming to Save You takes place over one night in the minds of two insomniacs. She sits in the dark staring at a glass. He is watching TV in a language he can’t understand.

Edge Dance

Join the 13 powerful company dancers as they embark on a deeply personal and collaborative journey in celebration of life, death and the challenges in between.

Mistero Buffo

A travelling storyteller, another employee of the gig economy, rushes from his last delivery of the day to recount ancient tales of Jesus and his life… however these versions aren’t like any you’ve heard before. Darkly comic, sometimes tragic and always subversive, Mistero Buffo takes aim at those who manipulate truth and belief for power and control.

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