Introduction To Cinematography

This practical hands-on one-day course will help you become comfortable with operating professional film cameras. Alongside informative discussion and theory, you will learn how to focus, expose and frame footage.


This is an intensive introduction to creating a new website using the powerful, user-friendly software WordPress. Over this ‘inspiring’ two day course you will learn how to set up & manage your own website, create content & posts for your target audience and begin to personalise your website with themes, widgets and social media integration.


Explore portraiture techniques and approaches. Learn to translate the 3D model onto the 2D surface through various drawing and painting methods. Look at character and personality as well as bone structure and muscular form. Your drawing will refer to artists who specialised in portraiture.

Coding For Minecraft

Experience coding Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi computer! In these two hour sessions for 9 – 14 years, you’ll learn how to use the Python language to control and build your Minecraft world.

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