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Current Commissions

Thumbnail image credit (previous page): Still from Ben Owen’s Goldfinch.

Each year Exeter Phoenix commissions new work from both filmmakers and visual artists as part of our commitment to supporting artists, nurturing great talent and enabling the production of new work.

Our 2019 Short Film and Micro Film Commissions have been announced, with over £10,000 worth of support available in artist fees, training and equipment hire.

2019 Film Commissions

Short Film Commission


About this commission:

Aimed at South West based filmmakers with previous filmmaking experience who are now looking for funding to take their filmmaking to a professional level and develop their career.

The final film is required to be 10-12 minutes in length. We accept applications from all genres of film, including documentary, drama, animation, experimental and more.

Level Of Funding: Two awards of £1500




Louisa Fielden

Louisa Fielden is a multi-award winning director whose films have screened at BAFTA and Oscar-qualifying film festivals worldwide. After premiering at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, her viral-smash short film, People You May Know, debuted online to 250,000 views. Louisa was recently selected for Channel 4’s Emerging Director Talent Scheme in association with Directors UK, and is a 2019 BAFTA Crew member. Her project, Patrick, is a drama exploring a defining afternoon between two school girls as they take intimate photos to share with an older man.




Tommy Gillard

Starting out as a graphic designer, Tommy is an award-winning filmmaker based in Exeter. Exploring 21st-century homosociality, Shuttlecock follows a man forced to question his notion of masculinity after an obsession with a member of his badminton club spirals out of control.





Micro Film Commission

About this commission:

Aimed at those who are either first time filmmakers or have limited experience in short filmmaking and looking to develop their skills in this area.

The final film is required to be 3 minutes in length. We will accept applications from all genres of film, including documentary, drama, animation, experimental and more.

Level Of Funding: Two awards of £500




Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas is a film & television graduate (though first time filmmaker) with a background in arts marketing at Exeter Phoenix. His Micro Commission Flicker will be presented entirely in BSL as it follows two deaf campers in a heated argument after a seemingly supernatural run in.




Phil Spencer
House Hunting

Phil Spencer is a writer/director who thrives on fusing the poetry of words with the visuals of cinema. Phil’s poetry has featured at workshops at RADA and in Nov 18 he wrote the ending to the Globe Theatre’s performance of Shakespeare and Remembrance. Whilst going through the medical discharge process from the Royal Marines, Phil drew on his experiences in Afghanistan to write House Hunting, a short film providing and intimate look into how PTSD can manifest itself in veterans. Phil is also a member of the Soldiers’ Arts Academy and performed in their Nov 18 West End run of Soldier On.



South West Documentary Commission


About this commission:

Aimed at filmmakers looking for funding to realise a non-fiction short film project exploring any subject matter, which demonstrates originality within the documentary genre.  The final film is required to be 5 minutes in length. You may use any form production technique for delivery, such as live action, reenactment or animation.

Level Of Funding: One award of £1000




Joe Auborn

Joe Auborn is a Bristol based Filmmaker and Photographer, and a Cinematography tutor on the Screenology film degree program. Åland will be an artistic impression of the relationship between the inhabitants of the Åland islands in Finland and the population of Eurasian wolves who are returning to the archipelago for the first time in over a century.