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Current Commissions

Thumbnail image credit (previous page): Still from Ben Owen’s Goldfinch.

2018 Film Commissions

We are now inviting proposals for the 2018 South West Animation Commission offering the region’s filmmakers and animators the chance to win a £1000 prize to create a new animated film in 2018. 

Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of experts in front of a live audience at Exeter’s Two Short Nights Film Festival (30 Nov– 2 Dec) for the opportunity to win a package of support from Exeter Phoenix to turn their film idea into a reality.

Exeter Phoenix will be looking for inspiring and creative proposals that demonstrate originality. All applications must be made via our online submission process below. The proposal should clearly demonstrate the tone, themes and strategy of your ideas.

Deadline: Thu 10 Nov

Apply here >>

2017 Short Film Commissions

Read on for more information about our 2017 short film commissions. Completed films will be premiered at Exeter’s Two Short Nights Film Festival in November 2017. 

Microfilm Commissions

owen-astlesOwain Astles
The Hardest Fight Of My Life

Owain is a young Exeter-based filmmaker, with experience directing short films, music videos and documentaries. Through his film work, he aims to focus on social and political issues, and the everyday struggles that people face. The Hardest Fight of my Life will deal with a young boxer’s depression in the lead up to his first fight. 





Charlie Coldfield
Ghost Note

Charlie is an Exeter based actor, writer and director working in film and theatre. Ghost Note is imagined as a surreal, but funny and moving short, dealing with the pressures of those suffering from and caring for, life-changing illness. Charlie plans to illustrate this serious subject through a surreal and entertaining narrative about incessant drumming.




Devon Short Film Commissions

Scott Stevens
A Friend In Me

Scott is a freelance filmmaker and editor based in Exeter and has previously worked on two Phoenix commissioned films as DoP (Rocketshed and Bus Stories). In A Friend In Me, pensioner Michael Harvey finds out he doesn’t have long left to live. With no family or close friends, Michael decides to reach out to a very old friend. 




Jimmy Swindells
The Aisle

Jimmy’s filmmaking draws together his love of storytelling and the creative eye of his photography and has received award recognition from the BBC and Film London. In comedy drama The Aisle event planner Becky is preparing for the happiest day of her life, but she hasn’t counted on the fact that not everybody shares her level of attention to detail.




South West Animation Commission

Steve Whittingham

After graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth in Animation Production went on to work on various projects including animation for television and is currently freelancing on an upcoming 2D animated indie video game. Totem is an experimental rotoscope animation and live action film – a modern telling of a shaman coming of age ritual.




Artists Moving Image Commission

Isobel Adderley

Artist Isobel Adderley is fascinated by our preconception of the body and physical space as separate and opposing forces. Isobel attempts to blur or trouble these preconceptions in her work and uses film, sculpture, live performance and music production to do so. W E F E W presents taught skin over twisted bones, quarried land, faceless, hybrid bodies. The absence of substance.





Street LAB: Live Art Busking Commissions


For Street LAB, Exeter Phoenix and Blind Ditch have commissioned two new worksthat bring audiences into lively encounters with contemporary live art practice on the streets of the city. This micro-festival of live art busking will form part of Art Week Exeter (13-21 May 2017).  

The two selected commissions are titled A Five Year Old Could Do That and Get It Off Your Chest. 

A Five Year Old Could Do That

Criticisms such as ‘a five year old could do that’ or ‘it’s not art’ are often levelled at contemporary art, and especially at performance artists. Almost anyone – including animals, like chimps and elephants- can make and share deliberate images, sounds and movements, but could a five year old actually make contemporary art? What defines the difference between art and non-art, especially for general and unspecialised audiences? And conversely, are the proverbially easy things that five year olds do really so easy? Alistair Gentry will find out by taking a toy piano to the streets and publicly learning music from scratch using a system designed for kindergarten children. This live art busking pitch is equally influenced by John Cage’s works for toy or prepared pianos, and by the most basic comedy tactic of a grown man playing a very small piano very badly.

Get It Off Your Chest

Musical performance duo Asthma experiment with noise making as a way to realise political frustrations. They’ve been gathering a sound bin of discarded, accidental and overlooked stuff and sounds from Exeter’s streets…  join them for a live, improvised collaboration between voices and sound scrap for a musical dance jam of a performance and let out a collective scream. 

Find out more about Street Lab here >>