Film Commissions 2005


2005 Animation Commission

Commissioned by Exeter Phoenix Digital with support from Exeter City Council

Little Dog Turpie
Ben Mars
Out from the deep, dark woods, creep, creep creeping come the Hobyar men…
Woodcut animation makes a traditional tale to keep children awake at night.





The Fat Lady Dances on the Head of a Pin
Tanya Morel
A wryly-melancholic reflection on the way we juggle our lives.





2005 Short Film Commissions

Commissioned by Exeter Phoenix with support from Devon County Council

The Gatsby Syndrome
Joshua Gaunt
Tramp by day, millionaire by night. An ethereal re-imagining of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

A Pottle O’Brains
Elizabeth Jane Baldry
Fed up with being ridiculed, a village fool visits the local wise woman to try and buy some brains, but she states a high price.

Tim’s Big Adventure
Harrison Willmott
Follow the adventures of Tim as he escapes his animated world into the real world.

Before I Go To Sleep
Cara McVean
Two girls in their mid twenties lead very separate lives but every night they climb into bed together and share stories and ideas before they go to sleep. Influenced enormously by minimalist set based features like Dogville, Before I Go To Sleep draws a comparative line between theatre and film and obliges the audience to suspend their disbelief with undisguised use of props and narration direct to the camera.

Tea With Mrs Castevet
Ed Spencer
Felicity, Richard’s wife has accidentally killed the neighbour’s cat. When their neighbour, Mrs Castevet returns from holiday, Felicity mysteriously disappears and Richard makes a disturbing discovery.

James Farmer
A man at his lowest considers the various ways of ending it all. Ever the pragmatist, each option is seen in terms of a scientific experiment. With a subtle balance of humour and tragedy, the film leads us to his final choice.

The Nightless Night of Jerri Hart
Ben Sherriff
Holistic living, coffee, jazz and badgers, ‘The Nightless Night’ is a short with swing, so sit back and relax with Mr. Jerri Hart.