Apple John

Fri 01 Dec 2017 | 7pm | £5*

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Theatre Alibi 

Apple John

Venue: Topsham Primary School 

A woman sits on a train. As it rocks her through the countryside she feels the kicks of her baby in her tummy. She starts to eat an apple and finds that, strangely, the seeds inside have already started to sprout. Then she throws the core out of the window. Whoosh. A jolt and the baby is on its way. John is born. And that night, out by the railway, an apple tree starts to grow.

Apple John is about about growing up, finding your roots and adding rings to the trunk.

Bursting with original live music, playfulness and puppetry, Apple John delights in every moment without the need to utter a single word.

Theatre Alibi is one of Britain’s most inventive companies’

Theatre Alibi has been responsible for some of the most innovative work in British theatre in recent years

‘Theatre Alibi have a reputation as terrific storytellers’

Intelligent and moving theatre that doesn’t shy away from asking big questions’

Absorbing storytelling, refreshingly simple and imaginative’

Venue: Topsham Primary School 

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