Deep Time

Wed 04 May 2016 | 6pm | £6*

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Deep Time

USA, 2015, 98 mins, dir. Noah Hutton.

Winner – 2015 Environmental Film Festival at Yale – Special Jury Award
Winner – 2016 Wild & Scenic Film Festival – Jury Award for Documentary Feature

Ancient oceans teeming with life, Norwegian settlers, Native Americans and multinational oil corporations find intimacy in deep time.

Following up his 2009 feature Crude Independence (SXSW), Deep Time is director Noah Hutton’s ethereal portrait of the landowners, state officials, and oil workers at the center of the most prolific oil boom on the planet for the past six years. With a new focus on the relationship of the indigenous peoples of North Dakota to their surging fossil wealth, Deep Time casts the ongoing boom in the context of paleo-cycles, climate change, and the dark ecology of the future.

‘Director Noah Hutton brings a surprising amount of visual flair to his subject: an oil boom’s impact on a North Dakota farming community. You’ll love the way he edits together impressions gathered over several years—close-ups of ancient unearthed fossils, aerial shots of the changing landscape, street signs heralding the arrival of stripper wrestling and Subway, interviews with long-time residents, tours through pop-up tract housing, and moments spent with the local aboriginal tribe. What he achieves, helped by a driving doomsday score, goes beyond a mere environmental-protest film and feels more like an epic end-time poem’

‘[Deep Time]’s greatest asset is the editing, which moves between subjects and issues and concept with grace and flow. It also helps that it looks wonderful and has good interview subjects.’

‘Filmmaker Noah Hutton performs a small, subtle magic trick at the very end of the film, giving Deep Time a powerfully understated poignancy.’

Showing Times

  • Wed 4 May: 6pm



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