Screening #5 | Defining Moments

Thu 28 Nov 2019 | 9pm - 10.30pm | £5* | 15+

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Exeter Phoenix’s Two Short Nights Film Festival is back for its 18th year with another exciting programme of screenings, talks and workshops that celebrate the vibrant world of short film. Whether you make film or love film, join us for must-see short films from across the globe, emerging local talent, and special events with industry professionals.


There are moments in life that define how our fate will pan out. From the significant to the misguided this selection of shorts brings the characters decisions to the forefront and champions those who put themselves on the line, even if it doesn’t quite work out as planned…


Case Jernigan, 2019, US, Animation, 5 mins

A man plunges into his reservoir of memory, nostalgia and regret but he finds love there, and curiosity, and personal expression.


Louis Chan, 2019, UK, Drama, 13 mins

Taking place in a parked car over the course of one afternoon, former drug dealer Jimmy confronts his childhood best friend Che about the example she’s setting to her impressionable younger brother.

My grandson, Charlotte

Tyler Pierreson, 2019, UK, Drama, 13 mins

A transgender teen and his immigrant granddad; a Sapeur from the Congo, bond over their shared understanding of the importance of identity and of always being true to one’s self.


Rosie Westhoff, 2019, UK, Drama, 18 mins

Two friends road tripping through California find lines begin to blur between them when the always heterosexual Jessie in her drunken, post breakup loneliness kisses bisexual Belle. Treacle aims to give a voice to the ‘B’ in ‘LGBT’.

A battle in Waterloo

Emma Moffat, 2019, UK, Drama, 11 mins

During the Battle of Waterloo, Ellen (Jessie Buckley) searches for her missing husband in the nearby forest and resorts to desperate measures to survive.

Riccardo that bounced on to the stars

Lana Vlady, 2019, Italy, Drama, 12 mins

Because of Riccardo, Lisa’s chick who decided to take a flight from the fourth floor, Marianna will have to explain to her seven-year-old daughter that there is something in the world called “death”.


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