Drone (15)

Wed 04 Nov 2015 | 7PM | £7*

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An innovative season of film events, documentaries, shorts and artists’ films to test ethical and physical boundaries and reveal astonishing stories of achievement.

DRONE (15)

Norway / Pakistan / USA, 58mins, 2014, dir. Tonje Hessen Schei

An evening of documentary and debate revealing the lines of data, technology and power at work under our shores and in skies beyond.

Drone presents a chilling and revealing study of warfare by remote control, launching the viewer into the CIA drone war in Pakistan. In a conflict acted out thousands of miles away from its targets, it is a tale of soldiers recruited at gaming conventions, faceless targets and killing with joysticks

A thought provoking, cutting-edge insight into the biggest and most controversial military revolution of our age.

What’s On

6pm – Brean Sands

Before the evening’s feature documentary, join us for a brief exploration of the fibre optic cable network below our shorelines. Artist filmmaker Richard Broomhall’s short film Brean Sands presents a visual audio study of fibre optic ownership, the regulation of corporate and national power structures and how an individual can have more autonomy by understanding the forces around them.

7pm – Drone 

Are drones the necessary requirement of the war against terrorism or a ruthless tool to enact an indiscriminate killing program? Our evening’s feature film explores the issues of modern warfare.

8.50pm – Dynamic Debate – Data, Ownership and Control

Join Richard Broomhall and lecturer of International & Military Law Dr Aurel Sari for a dynamic debate of the themes raised in these thought provoking pieces.




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