Eleanor Moreton

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Eleanor Moreton

A Cold Wind From The Mountains

At first glance, Eleanor Moreton’s paintings may appear to share a shimmering, arcadian or idyllic lightness of touch. This, however, often belies a darker and more troubling subtext, their protagonists often poised at the brink of radical, sometimes violent change. Underpinned by an interest in psychoanalysis, she explores ideas of repression and revolution, weaving together the intimate and domestic with broader historical and cultural moments. Hers are paintings of longing and ambivalence, nostalgic and sentimental, yet analytical and critical, they investigate a sense of loss that drives us in acquisitiveness, addiction, deception and creativity.

Here, she touches on reference points that range from colonial-era Africa to west coast American counter-culture of the 1960’s; classical mythology to imagery of the ‘floating world’ of Edo period Japan and formal Persian gardens. The Cold Wind From the Mountains of her title is one that heralds augury and change, ideas that blow throughout the works in the exhibition.

Accompanying Essay

Download an essay from Eleanor Moreton to accompany the show here >>

Associated Events

Artists Talk
Sat 22 Apr | 2pm |free

Join the artist in conversation with curator Matt Burrows as they discuss her exhibition and wider practice.


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