Hunt For The Wilderpeople (12A)

Sat 29 Oct 2016 | 5pm | £6*

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Hunt For The Wilderpeople (12A)

New Zealand, 2016, 101 mins, dir. Taika Waititi

Acclaimed New Zealand director Taika Waititi (What We Did In The Shadows) returns with another distinctive, visually inventive and effortlessly funny film.

Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) is a defiant, trash-talking misfit sent by child services to start a new life in rural New Zealand with a foster family: aunt Bella, gruff uncle Hec (Sam Neill) and dog Tupac. But when events threaten his return, Ricky runs into the bush with Hec in pursuit. With the two of them missing, a national manhunt is begun – forcing Ricky and Hec to embark on a months-long trek, and to overcome their differences to get by.

Based on the book Wild Pork and Watercress by Barry Crump, and with charismatic, pitch-perfect performances from Dennison and Neill.

‘Hilarious … I might be in love with it’

‘Comic dynamite’


Showing Times

Mon 24 Oct | 7.30pm | SOLD OUT

Thu 27 Oct | 7.30pm |  SOLD OUT

Fri 28 Oct | 2.30pm

Sat 29 Oct | 5pm


Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix


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