Jupiter’s Moon (15)

Thu 25 Jan 2018, Tue 30 Jan 2018 | £7.30pm | £7

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Jupiter’s Moon (15)

Dir. Kornél Mundruczó, Hungary, Germany, 123mins, 2017, subtitled

Showing times:

  • Thu 25 Jan: 7.30pm
  • Tue 30 Jan: 7.30pm

Starring: Merab Ninidze, Zsombor Jeger, Gyorgy Cserhalmi

The visually unforgettable thriller-drama from the director of White God follows a young immigrant who is shot down while illegally crossing the border.

In a state of shock, he discovers his has the ability to levitate at will. He is subsequently sent to a refugee camp but when others discover his hidden talent, a doctor with his own agenda smuggles him out.

Jupiter’s Moon is an ambitious and compelling parable.


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