Making A Kimono with Arrietty

10.30am - 4pm | £48 (£41)* | Additional £5 to borrow a sewing machine | 16+

*A note on transaction fees
A small £1.50 fee is added to each transaction. This covers the cost of getting your tickets booked, that’s everything from the booking software to card charges. We don’t charge this to make a profit.


One Day Workshop

Making A Kimono with Arrietty

This class is aimed at those who may have completed our basic / beginners classes or are already confident in using a sewing machine.

You will need to bring 3.5 metres of standard width fabric (137cm wide or more) and non-embellished, non-silky, medium weight cotton or polycotton.


If you are booking this course, please send an email to arrietty@mail.com stating whether you will be bringing your own sewing machine or if you would like to borrow one. 

Venue: Exeter Phoenix


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