My Life As A Courgette (PG)

Sat 29 Jul 2017 - Tue 01 Aug 2017 | £6 (£4)*

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My Life As A Courgette (PG)

Dir. Claude Barras. Switzerland, France, 66 mins, 2016.

Showing Times: 

  • Sat 29 Jul – 2pm
  • Sun 30 Jul – 1pm
  • Mon 31 Jul – 2pm
  • Tue 1 Aug – 2pm

Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Claure Barras’s My Life as a Courgette tears up the rulebook for children’s cinema and offers a delicate story which appeals to children and grown ups alike.

Nine-year-old Icare, known to his friends as ‘Courgette’, finds himself in a local orphanage after the accidental death of his alcoholic mother. Here he meets a group of children, each having endured their own traumatic experiences. Rather than dwelling on their misfortunes, the kids work together and find ways to rebuild their lives, finding comfort and expectance among each other.

This stunning animated feature faces devastatingly dark themes with subtlety and respect. My Life as a Courgette is brutally honest and uplifiting, exploring the ways we adapt to the world and make the best of our lives.

‘One of the best films ever made’ ★★★★★

‘Superlative’ ★★★★★

‘Hugely loveable’ ★★★★★

‘This little movie has a big heart’ ★★★★

‘A little miracle of gentleness’ ★★★★


Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

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