Natasha MacVoy

Fri 20 Sep 2019 - Sun 10 Nov 2019 | Free


Natasha MacVoy

One place and someplace else

Bristol based artist Natasha MacVoy makes work about the activity of looking and alternative – non-visual – ways with which our bodies perceive. 

One place and someplace else, 2019, is a sculptural drawing made from neon coloured acrylic rod. The composition came into existence when an existing work was packed into storage. The arrangement of its component parts to fit a sheet of foam suggested an alternative relationship, which has given this sculpture its form. Reconsidering and looking again are central to MacVoy’s use of materials and subject matter. Often it is at the point of letting go when the work comes back into focus with spontaneous and unpredictable results.


An intimate window gallery for micro-installations and sculptural interventions.

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