Nightcrawler (15)

Wed 21 Oct 2015 | 7.30pm | £6*

*Please note that there is a £1.50 fee per transaction



An innovative season of film events, documentaries, shorts and artists’ films to test ethical and physical boundaries and reveal astonishing stories of achievement.

Nightcrawler (15)

USA, 117mins, dir. Dan Gilroy

How far would you go for money? A film night and discussion all about ethics, and the point at which lines are crossed.

In a sinister and mesmerizing performance, Jake Gyllenhaal reveals the questionable morals of media communications and enters into a dramatic power play with his portrayal of Louis Bloom in this dark thriller.

A desperate loner enters the world of the ‘nightcrawlers’ – opportunistic freelancers that surface after dark to film the car crashes, murders and violence that plague L.A., before selling them to TV stations in a cold and brutal bid for cash. A modern noir about capitalising on the misery of others.

Post-Film Discussion

If this skin-crawling performance by Jake Gyllenhaal leaves you questioning your own morals, hang around for a post film discussion about ethical behaviour, crime, power and money. Ultimately, in our media saturated environment, how much can you know about the world just from the news you see?



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