Fri 22 Jul 2016 | 7.30pm | £11 (£9)* | 12+

*Please note that there is a £1.50 fee per transaction


Restless Theatre


Suggested age guidance 12+

“If a frail vow betwixt an erring Dyke and a supersubtle bisexual be not too hard for my wits, thou shalt enjoy Desdemona”

Neglected for promotion in favour of the younger and less experienced Cassio, Iago seeks revenge. Follow Iago as he masterminds a desperate plot to get Cassio demoted, and turn Othello against her bisexual wife Desdemona. Recasting Othello as a female CEO, this production engages with topical themes of homosexuality, bisexuality and sexual prejudice.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix Voodoo Lounge

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