Richard Chappell Dance

Tue 12 Apr 2016 | 8pm | £7 (£5)*

*Please note that there is a £1.50 fee per transaction


Richard Chappell Dance

IRIS, The Vast Rocks and Burnt Norton

Richard Chappell Dance presents the company’s second UK Tour of its inaugural evening of work IRIS and The Vast Rocks, with new solo work Burnt Norton.

With a constantly evolving movement language deriving from classical ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation and capoeira, the programme explores how adrenaline-fuelled dance can create and coexist with unique environments.


Combining a stark score by DJ Shaq Livingston with a dark, torch-lit setting, IRIS analyses adolescent experiences of London’s club culture and nyctophobia, which is extreme fear of the dark.


Exploring the South West’s landscape, The Vast Rocks creates a rural, frail and reflective texture through the dismantling of a bale of straw, energised movement and spoken poetry.


Based on the nature of naïve exploration and getting lost with oneself, Burnt Norton journeys through T.S Eliot’s poem of the same title, with music composed by Samuel Hall.

‘A choreographer to watch’


Venue: Exeter Phoenix

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