Sorry We Missed You (15)

Fri 22 Nov 2019 - Tue 26 Nov 2019 | £7* | £5* students/under 25s | £9.50* Breakfast Deal | £4.50* Morning Movies | 3 films for £18*

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Sorry We Missed You (15)

Dir. Ken Loach
101 mins | UK, France, Belgium | 2019


  • Fri 22 Nov: 1.30pm
  • Fri 22 Nov: 8.30pm 
  • Sat 23 Nov: 5.30pm 
  • Sun 24 Nov: 7pm 
  • Mon 25 Nov: 7.30pm 
  • Tue 26 Nov: 10.45am +breakfast deal
  • Tue 26 Nov: 7.30pm

Sorry We Missed You centres on former labourer Ricky, in-home carer Abbie and their two kids, Seb and Lisa Jane. Ricky thinks his new ‘self-employed’ status, driving for a big delivery company, will be an end to debt – but are there enough hours in the day for Ricky and Abbie to get their work done, let alone function as a family?

Deeply moving Ken Loach’s latest look at life in today’s Britain is a fine successor to I, Daniel Blake. Set in Newcastle, beautifully crafted and performed Sorry We Missed You shows how ordinary lives are affected by the gig economy.


Looking for an entertaining way to kickstart your day? Tickets on a Tuesday morning are just £4.50.


Enjoy breakfast in our Café Bar before the screening on Tue 26 Nov.

£9.50: Film + cup of tea + something from our breakfast menu.


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