The Childhood Of A Leader (12A)

Mon 12 Sep 2016, Thu 15 Sep 2016, Sat 17 Sep 2016 | £6*

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The Childhood Of A Leader (12A)

Hungary, France, 2015, 115 mins, dir. Brady Corbet

A prodigious ode to Michael Haneke’s White Ribbon (2009), actor Brady Corbet turns his hand to directing with his compelling, dark feature debut.

Matched with a remarkable orchestral score, this dark coming of age drama explores the formative years of a dictator in the making. Set against the background of post World War I, Paris we meet a young American boy, Prescott, the son of a diplomat whose increasingly delinquent behaviour and exposure to his father political position molds his beliefs and bears witness to the birth of a terrifying ego.

Immensely atmospheric, unusual and unsettling The Childhood of a Leader powers its way to the big screen with ravishing cinematography and an international cast.

‘A stunning debut’ ★★★★★

‘Like nothing you’ve seen before’

‘A mind-blowing directorial debut’

‘A masterpiece’ ★★★★★

Showing Times

Mon 12 Sep | 7.30pm

Thu 15 Sep | 7.30pm

Sat 17 Sep | 6.30pm



Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

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