The Hard Stop (15)

Wed 24 Aug 2016 | 7.30pm | £6*

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The Hard Stop (15)


UK | 2015 | 85 mins | Dir. George Amponsah

On 4th August 2011 the Metropolitan Police stopped Mark Duggan, a young, black, British man, early one morning in 2011. Minutes later Duggan was dead. His killing at the hands of the police sparked the now-infamous Tottenham riots and made headlines around the globe, but, as so often happens, the issue soon dropped from the news reports.

George Amponsah’s fascinating and humanising documentary follows two childhood friends of Duggan, Marcus and Kurtis, and offers insights into a community of inherited deprivation, wracked with drug and gang-related violence, as they fight for justice while struggling against discrimination in their daily lives.

The Hard Stop is a timely and vital investigation beyond the headlines.

Watch a Q&A with director and producer here >>

Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

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