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Art Vending Machine

Exeter Phoenix Café Bar will be home to a new art installation from Art Week Exeter 2017 onwards. 

The art of convenience and art as convenience come together in a custom fitted Azkoyen 5 cigarette machine vending art for the people. The art vending machine brings art designed in the size of a cigarette packet from local and international artists to our vending machine at Exeter Phoenix. As part of Exeter Art Week 2017 the AVM will vending from the 18th May. With the clunk of a coin all this art can be yours!


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South West musician, educator and Exeter Phoenix associate artist Laura Loft has launched a project exploring the notions of creating music ‘for the love of it’.

The #4LoveProject sees Laura encouraging collaboration between visual artists and musicians across Devon. Using imagery and artwork from four selected artists, four emerging musicians will work with Laura to write new songs which will be gifted to the people of Exeter.

Session #1: Artist Catherine Cartwright & musician Kate Graham

Session #2: Artist Niaski & musician Bernard James

Session #3: To be revealed

Session #4: To be revealed

Laura works as a freelance music leader with DAISI, Plymouth Music Zone and is the founder of Lofts Music Shed, providing songwriting workshops for 13-19 year olds. Recently she ran a series of songwriting workshops, The Lightbulb Sessions, at Exeter Phoenix and has since become an associate artist.

‘There is a lot of talk around creativity and wellbeing at the moment and I have experienced a real need for this in my work with young people. This isn’t just some notion plucked out of the air, it is real, it has weight and it should be acknowledged as important. I have seen people on the brink thrive during music sessions. It is amazing how participants can develop after just feeling listened to in a safe, creative and non-judgemental space giving them freedom to create. This in turn can help expression and create connection, purpose and some flickers of confidence!’

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Find out about past projects we have worked on here >>