Sun 08 Mar 2020 | 6.45pm | £5 - £8 | Subtitled

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Italian Cultural Association Exeter Present


+ Q&A with director Elisa Bozzarelli

Dir. Elisa Bozzarelli & Alice Daneluzzo
2019 | 96 mins | Italy
Italian with English subtitles


  • Sun 8 Mar: 6.45pm – £8*, £7* Italian Cultural Association, £5* students

Melmaridè (divorced in dialect) is the story of group of women from Piacenza, a small city in the north of Italy, who challenged the disdain of their families and of local institutions by joining the voices of the wider international feminist movement. They first founded a Feminist Collective and later started a public women’s health clinic and counselling centre that offered information on birth control, medical examinations, and help on how to get an abortion at the time when abortion was still illegal in Italy.

Forty years later, these women find themselves still linked by friendship and the same non-conformist spirit, determined in their desire not to forget that experience that had changed them forever. This is a collective story that is made of encounters, memories and intimacy among women who are profoundly different but who are all – more or less – happily melmaridè. 

Co-director Elisa Bozzarelli will be joining Danielle Hipkins, from University of Exeter, for a Q&A after the screening.


Triple F-Rated:
Directed by a woman, written by a woman and starring a significant woman. 

F-Rating is a new rating for films directed by women, written by women and/or with significant female characters on screen, in their own right. Find out more here >>


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